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This month MelodiesnMayhem DJ service will celebrate four years of serving the Green Bay Area.

As I reflect on all the success and growth we have achieved in four years, I would like to thank some family & friends who have helped us make our dream into a reality.

First, I would like to thank my wife Ella.  Without her unwavering support and faith, MnM would have stayed just a idea.   Every great business is built out of faith and the belief in things unseen.

Second, I would like to thank my family.  Especially my brother Ken Haupt, who has helped me become a better performer and a better professional. 

Third,  I would like to thank my amazing friends!  Alex Stepp, who started the company with me.  Alex is one of my favorite people, and I could not have done it without his incredible support and guidance.  Logan & Ashley Miller have played a HUGE role in the first years of this company.  Bill Henricksen, who created our logo, and all of our marketing materials.  You ROCK BILL! 

Ella and I are so deeply touched by the support that we have received from these people.  You have blessed us, and we are forever grateful for your love and support!

Fourth, Our friends and fans!  Julia Dakia, Jennifer B, Alicia B, Will Liebergen, Lucas & Jon Paul, the local Moose Lodge, and so many more.  Serving you is our passion, and you are the reason for all of our success.  We have the greatest friends in the world!   We can’t thank you enough for all of your support.  We love you!