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A wedding I will never forget

I had the privilege to DJ a wedding recently at The Woodfire Lodge in Brillion, Wi.  The wedding was a country themed wedding.  All of the men and women in the bridal party wore country western style clothing from their hats down to their cowboy boots.  When I arrived to set up for the reception, I met the bridal party.  I knew a few of them.  That’s when I met the best man.  The best man was a 27 year old named Wes.  Wes has downs syndrome.  It was instantly clear to me how sweet and sincere he is.  He introduced himself proudly as “The Best MAN”.  He was beaming with pride as he told me who he was.  I realized how important this was to him and it really touched my heart.  There was a young lady at the wedding with downs syndrome.  I found out Wes has been dating her for six years.  I thought to myself, wow, Wes is a stud!   So later that afternoon the dinner starts at the reception.  It’s time for the toasts.  The maid of honor goes up first and gives a fantastic speech that was funny and appropriate. 

Then they hand the microphone to Wes for his speech.  He started off strong, but then the emotion and pride got the best of him.  As Wes got more emotional, everyone in the room did with him!  It was impossible not to get choked up as he expressed how much being chosen as the best man meant to him.  There was not a dry eye in the house as he said his speech.  It was beautiful.  

Later on I got a chance to meet the grooms mother.  I told her how impressed I was with both of her sons.  She told me that Brandon, the groom, chose Wes over a year ago.  Ever since that day, Wes has been introducing himself as The Best Man!  He even answers the phone “Best Man speaking”.

Occasionally we get to be a part of something that reminds us of what is really important and special in our lives.  Brandon is a great man.  He chose Wes because he understood how much it would mean to him.  I love Brandon for that.  Wes is a blessing.  He keeps us grounded in what is most important in life. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a witness to something so beautiful.  I love my job!