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Time is ticking…What do you still need for your wedding?

Congratulations on getting engaged!  In our opinion, getting married is one of the most amazing experiences of a persons life.  First, you will look incredible in your dress and/or tux!  Secondly, all of your friends and family will be in the same place at the same time to celebrate your awesomeness!  But, planning a wedding […]

We now offer a GUARANTEED SAFE PLAYLIST at your event.

Are you looking for a DJ who will be sensitive to your religious beliefs and provide a family safe atmosphere? DJs have a reputation for having large egos and playing what songs they feel like playing instead of the staying within what the client desires.  I pride myself in choosing what songs fit within each […]

Booking sites and DJ company comparisons

First option – You can go directly to each companies website, read the information offered there, and try to get an idea of what the packages might cost. I have found that MOST of the local DJ companies will not post their prices or give you an instant quote unless you call them directly. A […]