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Melodies N Mayhem Employee & Contractor Expectations

Our Mission Statement at Melodies N Mayhem “We love to entertain, and it shows”
These are our (minimum) expectations of our employees, trainees, and sub-contractors. These policies will be strictly enforced & we appreciate your cooperation.

Pre-Event Planning:

  1. Decide what time you need to pickup equipment and how much time you need for travel & setup.  If you are working with another person, call them to decide whom will pickup the equipment and if you are going to carpool.  You must typically setup 1.5 before guests arrive.  Put a Note in the End of Event form whom picked up the equipment to give the extra pay.
  2. Dress code;  The default dress code is shirt & tie unless it is noted otherwise in the event info.
  3. When & how much will I get paid for this event?  Payroll dates are listed below.  The amount is listed in the Overview section of each event.  (the staff fee may be adjusted to account for travel)
  4. PICKING UP THE EQUIPMENT: Remember to print off the OVERVIEW.  The equipment you need is listed on that form.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to DOUBLE CHECK that you have All the equipment you need for the event when you pickup the equipment.
  5. DROPPING OFF THE EQUIPMENT: All of the equipment must be dropped off directly after the event (due to insurance). Any exceptions must be approved by Rob or Mike (Gizmo). REMEMBER YOUR DUMMY CHECKS after the event!  You are responsible for replacement of any equipment left behind at an event.

Conduct: TEAM WORK

  • Team work:
    Be courteous to everyone, including each other.
    Respect for the individual is mandatory.
    Training: (DJs)  Seminars, books, and videos are available to everyone to increase your DJ and Emcee skills. I believe in continuous growth. Your participation and commitment to growth through education is expected. We all are going to get better together and be the best DJs we can be. Investing in yourself is always your best investment.
    No swearing on location at an event. Before, during, or afterward, period! We never know who is listening. Be a professional at all times.
    NO eating at DJ booth or scrapbook table
    NO TEXTING or playing games on your phone during an event. Keep your phone put away, thank you for your cooperation.
    We always set up AT LEAST 1.5 hours before guests are scheduled to arrive. If you haven’t been to that venue before, be there 2 hours before guests arrive for the event. This is right in our contract with the client.
    No drinking alcohol at events. You may have soda or water by your booth or table. However, keep it out of view of the clients. No visible empties. Area’s are to be kept neat and clean.
    Other than Melodies n Mayhem, no signs, business cards, or mentions will be tolerated by subcontractors or employees. Thank you.
  • Communication:
    You must answer your phone in a very timely manner when we call, text, or email you. We lose business the longer you take to respond. If I call you, text me immediately and let me know when you can call.
  • AFTER AN EVENT: Text me or leave Rob a message to let me know how things went!
    If you miss our call, call us immediately when you get the message. If we struggle to get in touch with you, you will not last long.
    You are expected to be on time, dressed appropriately, and in a “show” state of mind for every event. No exceptions. o If you are running late due to an emergency, CALLUS IMMEDIATELY!
    Tobacco: No tobacco use during events, period.
    Ecigs are acceptable only if used at the DJ booth. Please keep use to a minimum and be respectful of guests.
    “Smoke breaks” are not allowed during events.

Time off & Blackout dates: IMPORTANT
Our busy season is every Friday & Saturday from May through November. Please ask off for any dates within the busy season as soon as possible. Any dates requested off with less than 30 days notice will be denied unless a family emergency.
Blackout dates are dates that no day off requests will be granted. Halloween (in 2016 Friday the 29 & Saturday the 30th) and New Years Eve 12/31. We expect everyone to be available to work these dates every year. Thanks for your cooperation.

Payments for Employees and Contractors:Payments & Payroll 

If you work between the 10th and the 25th, you will be paid on the following 1st of the month.

If you work between the 26th and the 9th, you will be paid on the following 15th of the month.

For contractors: Payments will be given minus any commissions or payment fees incurred as a result of the event.


  • Men
    Black, dark, or brown suit. Dress Shoes. Dress Pants. Dress shirt, tie. Must be wrinkle free.
    Must shower & smell good, bring breathe mints for good breath 🙂
    Hair must be conservative (color, cut and style)
    No neck beards, face must be conservatively groomed
    Tattoos and piercings must be hidden (except ears)
    Wash your hands when you visit rest room
    We have an account with DuBois formal wear if you need to buy a suit. Talk to Rob for this option.
  • Ladies
    Black, dark, or brown pant suit. Dress Shoes. Dress Pants. Dress shirt or blouse or company shirt with logo. Must be wrinkle free.
    Must shower & smell good, remember breathe mints
    Hair must be conservative (cut and style & color)
    No neck beards, face must be conservatively groomed J/K 🙂
    Conservative makeup
    Tattoos and piercings must be hidden (except ears)
    Wash your hands when you visit rest room
    We recommend clothes from Kohls, JC Penny, and Younkers. If you need help with this talk to Ella or Rob.