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Weekly DJ Trivia on Thursday Nights at The Watering Hole on velp at 7pm

Weekly Trivia every Thursday at The Watering Hole@7pm   I wasn’t a big fan of trivia.  A friend and fellow DJ invited me to DJ TRIVIA in Milwaukee.  My brother and I went and has a blast!  We loved the slower pace of this trivia.  We love the relaxed pace.  I really love that the […]

We had dinner at The Wally Spot in Green Bay, WI

We finally stopped out at The Wally Spot on Main St in Green Bay, WI. We stopped out for dinner on a Friday night.  It was our first time there.  The restaurant is a Supper Club.  It also offers a dinning hall for corporate meetings, formal dinners, and receptions.  I haven’t done a wedding there […]

DJyourpartyRental equipment

Need to RENT a P.A. system OR DJ an event yourself? If you want to be the DJ and impress your family and friends, here’s how you can do it.  This is a very powerful and effective P.A. (public announcement) system you can use for any type of event. With this service you can use […]