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How one DJ feels about GAY MARRIAGE

As I became an adult, I was given the opportunity to look at the issue from both sides.

I grew up learning about gays from other people who weren’t gay. I was straight, so I grew up with many misconceptions. I was also taught that being gay was wrong. However, I have always been taught to be open minded and look at things from both sides. To fully empathize, a person must be able to understand and accept both sides of an idea or argument. Over time I was given the opportunity to get to know some wonderful people who were gay. I realized that despite considering myself open minded, I had many preconceptions and prejudices that simply were not true. As a result, I was confronted with the reality that some of the people in my life who were the most loving, kind, forgiving, honorable, smart, and faithful, were also gay.

I came to this conclusion. People are people. Love and accept people as they are. By accepting people whom have different lifestyles and beliefs, my life has been greatly enriched.

As a DJ, I get to be a part of the union of two people in love. No matter how many weddings I’ve done, I’m always deeply moved during the ceremony. I believe in love. I believe in marriage. Love them all, let God handle the rest.

I have been greatly blessed to perform at same-sex marriage ceremonies and receptions. Thank God it’s finally legal!

Rob Haupt